Don’t sell your home! RENOVATE!

If you renovate your kitchen it will feel better than a new home. While renovating you can design your kitchen as you’ve always wanted and in the style and look you’ve always dreamed of.

At GWENDY KITCHENS we strive to fulfill the homeowners dream by making the kitchen into the place that they always wanted, at a very reasonable price.

By using the latest fashion in board products, we not only produce wood-grain effects but can also produce stunning colour effects.

GWENDY KITCHENS do not only manufacture pre set sizes of cupboards but make every cupboard specifically for the intended installation, therefore utilizing all the available space. We also negate the use of filler pieces and blank doors as used with most local DIY cupboards.

GWENDY KITCHENS also manufacture doors and frames in a wide range of solid-hardwoods including Teak, African Rose, Beech, Oak, and Cherry.

GWENDY KITCHENS also manufacture solid-wood furniture such as tables, chairs, bedroom suites and a large variety of stand-alone cupboard units and built in units.

GWENDY KITCHENS can also manufacture your front door or kitchen door, to match your lounge suite or kitchen cupboards.

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